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Expect More From Yourself

Expect more

One of the pitfalls of our thinking is that our expectations are consistently extroverted. We place demands on our parents, siblings, family, children, boss, organization, colleagues, and even the government, expecting them to fulfill our desires.

Regrettably, this pattern of thinking leads to immense stress in our lives. The expectations we hold for others reflect our idealized version of how they should behave. The fact is we have no genuine control over their actions. We can anticipate, but we lack the power to dictate outcomes. Consequently, we feel disillusioned and frustrated when reality doesn’t align with our expectations.

A more effective approach is to introvert our expectations- “I will raise the bar for myself.” We embark on a path of excellence when we begin expecting more from ourselves. Ideally, the standards we set for ourselves must always be higher than the standards the world imposes.

Set a bar so high for yourself that the expectations you have from yourself always far exceed what the world expects from you.

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