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Cultivate Your Good Habits

Cultivate habits

Weeds on a farm grow by themselves. They don’t need a farmer. Seeds, on the other hand, if they have to be cultivated, need a farmer. This is a great metaphor for our habits. 

  • You subscribed to Instagram to be in tune with your friends. Now you spend 2 hours a day scrolling through.
  • For a couple of days, he was late to sleep and too tired to wake up early. Without even realizing it, his waking time has shifted by a couple of hours.
  • The food tasted yummy. She took two portions more than she usually partakes, and without realizing it, she lost control of her portion size.

 Bad habits creep up inside us insidiously and unconsciously. They just happen. Bad habits, like weeds, grow wherever they see space and opportunity. Good habits, on the other hand, have to be cultivated consciously and intentionally. There is no point lamenting about how you wish you could do something. Like a farmer tending to the seeds and protecting them from pests, you must consciously cultivate your good habits, protecting from the pests of distraction and lack of discipline. 

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