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What Truly Matters

what truly matters

Our priorities and values keep shifting over time.

What mattered to me ten years back was very different from what matters today. Ten years back, I fretted about

  • Whether my career was moving in the right way or not.
  • Whether my boss was interested in taking care of me or not.
  • Whether people thought of me the right way or not. 
  • Whether I was acquiring the right possessions or not…

Today, when I look into the mirror of the last decade, I reflect more about

  • Whether I was a good person.
  • Whether I made a difference in the world.
  • Whether I have any regrets.
  • Whether I took care of my family.
  • Whether I achieved my big goals and made progress

With the benefit of hindsight, I’ve discovered what truly matters as I face the next decade !!

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