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Transform Your Internal Narrative


Many people I know struggle with having a very pessimistic outlook towards their future. They are stuck in their mind with a lot of limiting narratives like ” I don’t think I have anything special to share with others” or ” I am not a good public speaker” or “I am not smart enough to grow the business” or ” This subject is so difficult, I am not good at it,” etc. Unfortunately, because of this self-narrative they shy away from taking up opportunities to learn and grow.

Here is a simple trick I learned from a podcast of Simon Sinek’s that will help you change the story you tell yourself.

Just add the word “yet” to whatever it is you feel you are not good at. It completely shifts the narrative you have in your head from one of limitation to possibility.

Instead of thinking, “I am not good enough,” if you think “I am not good enough, yet,” you transform from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset where you give yourself the possibility of getting better.

“I am not a good public speaker YET.”
“The subject is difficult, and I am not good at it YET.”
“I am not smart enough to grow the business YET.”

Your self-narrative transforms from resignation to hope and optimism about your growth when you add the word YET.

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