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Confidence Comes From Being OK With Failing

confidence with failing

Many people mistakenly believe that confidence is linked to success. They think, ” He is so confident. No wonder he is so successful.” Sadly, social channels also propagate this curated impression that all success is a consequence of confidence.

This assumption is faulty.

While it may be true that confident people tend to be more successful, confidence is less about success and more about how comfortable one is with the idea of failing.

Confident people approach any activity or task knowing fully well that they may fail. The prospect of failure does not deter them because they have experienced loss, and they know it is ok. Their confidence shines through even when they don’t succeed.

Whenever anyone asks for tips on becoming more confident, my answer is always, “Get comfortable with failing. Don’t be stuck up about winning all the time. The more accomodating you are with the idea of failing, the more confident you will be.”

Whenever you see someone radiating confidence, remember that this is a person who is quite at ease with the possibility of failing. 

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