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Emotions Are Contagious

emotions are contagious

Emotions are a form of energy, and they are contagious. You feel light and cheerful when you are in contact with a boisterous, happy person.

Likewise, when you come in contact with someone full of negativity, your own mood plummets.

I have always been fascinated by how emotions work. Do emotions follow any hierarchy? Why should my emotional state plunge when I am in the presence of a negative person? Why does the other person not become more positive or less negative because of me?

While it is true that emotions are contagious, I believe there are three elements that influence how emotional energy flows when two or more people come into close proximity.

  1. Emotions flow from the more expressive to those who are less expressive. Expressive people tend to pass their moods on to others. 
  2. Someone in power tends to transmit his emotion to others. An unpleasant boss makes the entire department unpleasant. 
  3. Those who are more peaceful, tranquil or loving are better able to resist the surge of emotions from others. An angry person who comes up against someone very gentle will calm down naturally.

Being peaceful will help you. You are less likely to be affected by the emotional state of others.

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