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Your Reputation Is In Your Actions

your reputation is in your actions

You say you are an honest person. Yet, you conveniently lie when you are caught in a pickle, even if it is just a white lie.

You say you want to control your diet and lose weight. Yet, when you are with friends and family, you indulge in your cravings. You exercise no self-control.

Over a period, your actions accumulate to establish a general truth about your intentions. Your actions are the footprint of your intentions that people around you will see and judge you on.

So when you say you are a problem solver, people will ask- Show us what you have done to suggest that you are a problem solver.

You say you want to help others, and people will ask- What have you done that establishes the truth about your desire to help others?

Your actions and not your words are the mirror to your virtues and your values. And in time, your virtues and your values become your reputation. But, paradoxically, once your reputation is made, the words you say have the power to create an impact, even without the actions to back your words.

Reputation is the badge of honor society gives you when it sees that your actions are consistent with your words.

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