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True Wisdom

True Wisdom

People in ancient Greece believed that the Oracle of Delphi, Pythia was the voice of the Apollo, the god of archery, music and dance, truth, and prophecy.

Once, someone approached the Oracle Pythia and wanted to know who was the wisest person in the whole of Greece. The Oracle is supposed to have said that Socrates was the wisest of them all.

When word reached Socrates that the Oracle identified him as the wisest person, he was taken aback.

He went across to the Oracle and said, “How can you say that I am the wisest man in all of Greece? It cannot be true because I am aware that I know nothing, and I also know how ignorant I am.”

To which the Oracle replied, ” This is why you are the wisest of them all. Your wisdom is in knowing your ignorance.”

True wisdom is not in the knowledge we possess. It is in becoming comfortable with not knowing. When you have the humility to acknowledge that you don’t know everything, you develop the curiosity to learn.

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