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Hope And Expectation

Hope and Expectation

We hope something will happen

We expect something will happen.

Hope and Expectation seem the same, but they are not.

Expectation Is A Killer Of Joy. 

When you have expectations, it means you have a rigid desire for some outcomes to happen regardless of the likelihood of that happening. If something happens as per your expectations, you are happy; if not, you are upset and unhappy. Unfortunately, with expectations, you will always find yourself dissatisfied.  

The idea of having expectations manifests in relationships in a big way. You expect someone to operate or behave in a certain way because you like it that way. And when their actions and behaviors are not aligned with your way of thinking, you get upset. You then try to manipulate and force the others to change their behavior. Expectation is a virus that damages relationships.

Hope Gets You Out Of Bed Every Morning

While Expectation is the fixed view that something will or must happen, hope is a more dynamic and positive emotion. It is a wish and an anticipation for something to happen. It is a faith that no matter the challenges or issues, something positive will happen.

Hope is not rigid or combative. It is always flexible and open to shifts based on the situation. Hope is comfortable with uncertainty.

Since hope admits uncertainty, it does not become a negative emotion when something goes unmet. You may be a trifle disappointed, but you wake up the next day with your hope intact. You will at best adjust your hope to reality, but you will keep hoping.

Hope helps you move forward. It gives you the strength to deal with challenges and uncertainties positively and with confidence.

Hope is humility. Expectation is pride. Expectations will drag you down but Hope will elevate you.

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