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You Are Like The Blue Sky

A few months back, I published a Blog, We Can See At Three Levels, in which I wrote about how we can see through our senses, through our mind, and through our consciousness.

Level 1: Our senses can observe everything that is outside of us. Level 2: Our mind can observe our senses receiving the inputs, and finally, Level 3: Our consciousness can observe the play of our mind- the thoughts, emotions, and feelings in our mind.

A great way to imagine this construct is to think of your consciousness like the blue sky. Our thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations are like clouds floating through the sky. Sometimes like the clouds, they can be dark and heavy, and sometimes they can be light and calm. But “you” are not the clouds. “You” are that blue sky, above and beyond the clouds, that is witnessing and observing the action below. More clouds gather, storms come and go, but the sky above is always serene and eternal, untouched by whatever is happening in the layers below.

Our consciousness is like the sky, a silent observer.

Many of us get entrapped by our feelings and emotions. We become fearful, angry, agitated, overwhelmed without realizing or understanding what is actually happening. But, If you now think of yourself like the Blue Sky, you can perceive your feelings and emotions differently.

The next time you feel agitated about something, try to become an observer. Step back and mindfully observe your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. Accept them for what they are and let them float by like the clouds. Don’t engage with your thoughts and your feelings. Just be an observer.

If you can develop the capacity to observe your own thoughts and feelings, you will better deal with challenging situations whenever they arise. You will undoubtedly feel your body tightening and your mind clouding when the actual problem arises, but you will create space for yourself when you become an observer. Instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the stormy thoughts and emotions, you will find in yourself the power to respond to the situation calmly and rationally.

We are not only our thoughts, feelings, or physical body. We are a part of something much bigger and beyond, just like the blue sky. I call the blue sky our consciousness. The more you practice being an observer, the more connected you become with your true consciousness. This doesn’t mean that the stormy thoughts and feelings will go away. They will always be there. You will just become better at dealing with them. 

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