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Four Things To Remember Everyday

Four Things To Remember

This morning a friend of mine shared a nice little video featuring a Buddhist monk speaking of four things all of us will do well to remember every day. We can move into the new week thinking about these four simple truths.

Our Past Cannot Be Changed– What’s done is done. So don’t fuss or dwell on anything that has already happened. The horse has bolted. Deal with your present well to manage your future.

Happiness Is Found Within: Happiness often appears to result from external influences, but it actually originates from within. We have the power to choose to be happy, whatever be the external situation.  

Kindness Is Free– Being Kind doesn’t cost us anything. So go ahead, share a kind word, a smile, an appreciation, or anything else that makes the other person feel good. 

You Only Fail If You Quit– If we fail to reach a goal, it does not mean we have failed. We only fail if we choose to give up. Henry Ford said it nicely. Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. 

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