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ABCD Of Change

ABCD of change

Developing and growing is a core need of every individual. We all want to change for the better. We all want to be better than we were yesterday. But, unfortunately, progress is never linear. It is haphazard. What should I improve on? Can I make the change? Why is change so hard to sustain? Questions like these plague us every time we try to change.

When embarking on a new change-provoking action, I always keep in mind an ABCD model.

Awareness – Become aware of what you need to change in yourself first. Are there any mindset issues or habits holding you back from realizing your full potential? You can undertake actions of Personal Growth or change only when you become aware of your limitations or areas of improvement. 

Belief – Many people think that personal change is challenging, particularly when it pertains to operating behaviors. An awareness of your gaps or weaknesses is of no value if not backed up by a belief that you can make the necessary transformation in yourself. You need to believe in your power to improve and grow.

Commitment – You can commit yourself to change only when you are intrinsically motivated to change. Change driven by external factors like pressure from someone or benchmarking with others rarely stick. Instead, you need to feel the urge to change driven by a personal vision of where you see yourself at different points in your future.

Discipline – The last element of making a lasting change is in your discipline. You cannot change unless you can maintain the rigor of sticking to the course consistently. Of course, there will be periods where you will slip, or your resolve will weaken. However, if you can find the discipline to stay the course despite the odd break, you will experience the change you want to see in yourself. 

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