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You Will Get What You Believe

what you believe

Here is an idea for everyone to consider.

Life doesn’t give you what you want. It gives you what you believe. If what you desire and what you believe are in synch, you get what you desire. If what you want is not in sync with what your belief- then there is no way you will get what you want.

You want to get the highest grades, but you believe you are not well prepared. It is destined. You will NOT get the best grades.

You want the appreciation and respect of your colleagues, but your belief is that you are not very competent. So, no surprise, you will not earn the appreciation or respect you seek.

You want to achieve your steep sales targets. But you believe the market is tough and times are difficult. Guess what; there is no way you will achieve your sales targets.

You want to be a millionaire, but deep down, you believe that it is tough to create wealth. Whatever you do, you will not achieve your goal of being a millionaire.

You want to win the game for your team, but you believe that you don’t have it in you to take your team past the finishing line. You and your team will be on the losing side.

As humans, we are all designed to win, but we program ourselves, through our beliefs, to lose.

Self Mastery is working on your beliefs and aligning them to what you want. That is when you will get what you believe.

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