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Weekend Story- We Are All Connected


In a village, there was a mouse at a farmer’s house. One day the mouse looked through the crack in the wall and noticed the farmer and his wife opening a box. “could it be some new food that the farmer has bought ?”- the mouse thought.

But to its dismay, the mouse quickly realized the box did not contain any food. Instead, it was a mousetrap that the farmer had pulled out of the box.

Scampering out, the mouse squeaked, “There is a mousetrap in the house, there is a mousetrap in the house!!”

The hen in the yard chuckled and said, ” my friend, I know what a mousetrap is. I know it can be dangerous for you, but how does it matter for me? It is of no concern to me.”

The mouse then turned to the pig and said entreatingly, “There is a mousetrap in the house! Surely we can do something about it!”

The pig, which often played with the mouse, was more sympathetic. “I am so sorry, my friend. It is indeed bad news. But, there is nothing I can do but offer my sympathies. Take care, my friend !!”

The mouse then went to the cowshed and yelled out, “There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!”

The cow was busy chewing on some grass. It did not want to be bothered by the affairs of the mouse. “I’m sorry for you, my little friend. I can’t help you. Please don’t bother me. Deal with your problems yourself. “

Saddened by the lack of support, the mouse returned to its hole, wondering how to stay clear of the mousetrap.

That night, a loud clap reverberated through the house. It was the sound of a mousetrap clamping down on its prey.

Hearing the sound, the farmer’s wife woke up with a start and rushed to see if the trap had caught the mouse. Unfortunately, the room was dark, and the wife could not see a venomous snake’s tail caught in the mousetrap. As she approached the mousetrap, the snake bit her.

Writhing in pain, the farmer’s wife cried out loudly. Realizing what had happened, the farmer rushed his wife to the hospital. The doctor treated the wife and sent her home.

Unfortunately, by evening she started running a fever.

Now in the village, it was customary to treat anyone having fever by feeding them fresh chicken soup. So, the farmer took his hatchet and went to the farm to get the soup’s main ingredient.

Despite feeding his wife the chicken soup, she continued to be sick. Soon, news of her sickness spread across the village. Friends and neighbors came over to check on how she was doing and take care of her.

The farmer was a kind-hearted host. He wanted to serve food to his friends who cared for his wife. So, to feed them, he butchered the pig.

Alas, the farmer’s wife did not get well despite all the care. She died.

The farmer invited the entire village for his wife’s funeral service, and after the ceremony, he held a feast. He slaughtered the cow to feed the guests.

The mouse looked at all that happened from the crack in the wall with great sadness. His friends were no more..

So, the next time you hear of someone facing a problem and think it doesn’t concern you, remember — everyone and everything is interconnected. You think why get involved and before you realise it trouble could be at your doorstep. So, no matter the situation, step out and do your bit to help.

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  • You never know how a little effort on your end can go a long long way for someone else ….

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