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Get Lucky

get lucky

I am sure many of us have people we know in our circles who are very lucky- They seem to have all the luck in terms of getting head-hunted for great roles, winning raffle prizes, qualifying for lucky draws.

We wonder- ” How did she or he get that lucky break?”

I have a theory about the luck these people experience. For them, luck is the law of probability in action.

Probability means possibility. It is a measure of the likelihood of an event to occur. To improve the possibility of an outcome you desire, you need to increase your participation. The more you participate, the better is your probability of success.

This is what manifests as luck for my cousin, who keeps winning in lucky draws. She keeps participating in every other lucky draw, and because she keeps participating regularly, she gets lucky a few times. It’s the same with that friend of mine who keeps getting those desirable prominent roles. He is forever looking out for exciting options, actively engaging head hunters.

Luck is the manifestation of the many actions you take. Before a big success, the more mini actions you accomplish, the more “luck” you will appear to have. Essentially, luck is the product of all of the hard work and effort you have put in up until that point.

To create more “luck,” all you have to do is take more concrete actions that move you closer to your goal. Over time, small actions accumulate into big results. So do more of those small actions and increase your odds of getting lucky.

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