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Learn Every Day

Here is an interesting idea that Charlie Munger, the partner of Warren Buffet, speaks about. If you want to go to bed smarter than you woke up, you need to learn something new each day. We are evolving every day, and therefore it doesn’t matter how smart you are today; What matters is how your day goes. Have you learned something new and valuable?

This process of waking up every day, learning something new, and keeping track of what you have learned every day- If you can consciously repeat this day after day to a point it becomes your second nature, the compounded benefit is immense. You will find that you outperform most people around you.

The impact of what you learn every day is rarely earth-shattering. If anything, it is imperceptible. But, as the days turn into weeks, the weeks into months, the months into years, and the years into decades, you will look back and realize how robust the learning process is.

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