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Worried About Doing Something? Think Process


How do you know if something will work if you are doing it for the first time?

In exploring anything new, the cycle/the process is always the same.

You start first by Deciding-> Then you do and experience-> Then you learn from the experience-> Finally, you adapt and improve.

No matter how carefully you plan your moves, you can never be certain how they will turn out. Sometimes, you may have done all your planning right and executed it brilliantly. Yet things may not turn out in your favor. The success of your decision does not depend only on your planning and execution- Many times, the context also matters. Maybe the timing was not right; perhaps the conditions were not favorable.

So, here’s a thought- When it comes to treading unexplored paths and trying new ideas, can we rethink how we make decisions?

Can we step away from worrying about success and failure, right and wrong, and instead trust the process? The process of DECIDE ->DO->LEARN->ADAPT?

This is the only way we can open ourselves up to new opportunities and learn new things.

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