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Challenges Exist To Test Our Desire !!


It was a pleasure to be in Singapore today, attending the renowned Singapore Fintech Festival. I enjoyed catching up with many friends and exchanging notes on innovation across several fields.

Among the many conversations I had today, one with a friend who had started a technology company three years ago stuck with me. Over the last three years, he had to overcome numerous obstacles and impediments to get to a point where he is thrilled with where his business is today. It is profitable and scaling rapidly. 

His journey was inspiring. 

I couldn’t resist sharing my perspective with my friend after he shared his experience with me. 

The challenges we face are like brick walls that we encounter for a reason. They are not there to keep us out. Instead, the brick walls exist to give us a chance to show ourselves and the people we care about how badly we want something.  

My friend’s success, despite all the challenges, reflects his passion and commitment to succeed.

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