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Resist The Urge To Do The Critical Stuff By Yourself

resist the urge

When it comes to the big stuff, leaders sometimes get all tight-fisted. They want to keep a close eye on the crucial parts of the job, and sometimes, they even want to do it all themselves.

It’s like they’re thinking, “Why risk handing off this important thing to my junior crew? Let me just handle it. At least I’ll know it’s safe.”

Sure, taking personal charge of critical tasks can lower the chance of things going haywire, but here’s the catch: your team won’t have a chance to grow. They will always be in your shadow and not take ownership and accountability for the outcomes.

Here’s a smarter approach: Pass the baton, then guide them. Help your team level up. Be their guide, their mentor, but don’t just do the job for them. Think of yourself as a kickstarter – someone who sparks their improvement.

If you’re leading a squad and you’re serious about helping your teammates sprout, resist the urge to do stuff on your own. You’ve got to do more by doing less. Delegation is the name of the game.

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