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Weekend Story- Frog And The Scorpion

Frog And Scorpion

A scorpion looking to cross a brook in a forest notices a frog soaking up the sun on the side. The Scorpion goes to the Frog and requests it to carry him across a river on its back. The Frog hesitates out of fear and says, ” I am sorry, I cannot help you. What if you sting me?”  

The scorpion is very persuasive. It says, ” think about it. I need to cross the brook, and if I sting you while you take me across the brook, we will both drown. Therefore, why would I sting you and die in the bargain?

The Frog cannot disagree with the logic proposed by the Scorpion. So it allows the Scorpion on its back and slowly wades across the brook. However, halfway across the stream, the Scorpion indeed stings the Frog.

As the poison takes effect, the Frog loses control and starts drowning, and along with it, the Scorpion also slips into the water. As they both are about to drown, the Frog looks at the Scorpion and plaintively asks, ” Oh, you silly creature. I was carrying you across safely. Why did you sting me? Now the two of us will surely drown !! 

The Scorpion remorsefully responds, ” I am sorry. I could not resist stinging you. It is my nature !!”

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