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Focus On Your Breathing


I knew I was losing control. A voice in my head said you are not good enough to win this one. I could not get rid of the negative voice, and despite being a better player, I lost the game because I lost it in my mind.

These were words of acute self-awareness that a friend of mine, an accomplished sportswoman, conveyed to me recently. 

What can I do to control the negative voice in my head when it rears its ugly head? She asked, looking for guidance.

Focus on your breath– was my response.

Whenever you are in the grip of any negative thoughts and emotions, the more you try to suppress them, the less you will. 

You don’t extricate yourself from the vortex of negative thinking by suppressing it. Because in trying to control your negative thoughts, you are engaging with them. Unfortunately, the more you engage with your thoughts, the more they control you.

Therefore, the best way to liberate yourself from negative thoughts or emotions- fear, anxiety, anger etc., is by disconnecting from them. 

And the best way to do that is by focusing on your breath. When you focus on your breath, you cannot think of or feel anything else(try doing it right now).

Just keep your attention on your breathing. Observe the air going in and out. Then, hopefully, you will keep your composure the next time you are in a tight spot in the game, I said.

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