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Speak Your Mind

speak your mind

Fear often drives our behavior when engaging with new relationships, especially when we have expectations tied to the interaction.

Whether selling a product, interviewing for a job, courting a partner, or delivering bad news, we tend to hold back and avoid speaking our minds. Instead, we try to sugarcoat and couch the messaging.

Why? Because we are afraid of being rejected, offending the other person, or exposing weaknesses that we feel uncomfortable revealing.

However, the truth always finds a way to surface, no matter how hard we try to conceal it. It is always revealed, sooner or later.

Therefore, rather than fighting the inevitable, it’s better to be honest and transparent, regardless of the potential consequences. While some risk may be there in speaking the truth, it is far outweighed by the opportunity to build relationships based on authenticity and trust.

When you operate from a position of courage, honesty, and transparency, you end up building strong, lasting relationships.

So the next time you are wondering, Should I speak my mind? Will it hurt my chances? Etc, go ahead and say it anyway. You will be surprised by the results.

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