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How To Do Great Work

Great work

If you are someone who has the ambition to achieve something big in your life and career, you need first to recognize that big achievements mean solving big problems.

Just as an example, solving a billion-dollar problem is thousand times more impactful than solving a million-dollar problem. The bigger the problem or challenge you to solve, the bigger your achievement. Putting it differently, when working on a billion-dollar problem, your work is a thousand times more important and valuable than when working on a million-dollar problem.

So, being acutely aware of the problems you must solve is essential to great work. If what you are working on is not important for the impact it creates, you need to ask yourself, “Why am I not thinking about and working on the big problems ?”

How can you achieve anything significant if you are not working on the right(important) problems?

Welcome the opportunity to work on significant problems. They represent the opportunity of your big achievements !!

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