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Weekend Story-The Young Man And Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller

Once upon a time, there was a young man who lived in a town. He was lazy and wanted good things to come to him without putting in too much effort. He tried working at a few places, but his poor attitude didn’t take him too far, and he felt those places didn’t align with his ambition. As a result, he decided to start his own business. He dabbled with some business ideas, but he didn’t succeed much. Whenever he faced a challenge or problem, he would give up and move on to another business idea. This situation continued for some time, and the young man was disheartened.

One day, he visited a village carnival with his friends and went to a fortune teller to get his palm read, hoping to gain insight into his future. Peering at his palm, the fortune teller told him he would be poor and unhappy until he was forty-five.

The young man was intrigued. “Does this mean my bad luck will end once I am forty-five,” he wondered.

So, hopeful, he asked the fortune teller, “Ok then, what will happen when I am forty-five?”

“You will get used to it,” the fortune teller responded tongue in cheek.

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