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The Fallacy Of Willpower


We all love to believe that willpower is a significant factor in how we operate every day, particularly on those difficult tasks. “let me try a little harder; hopefully, I’ll lose the excess weight,” we think. The same goes for not eating sweets, or saving more, or improving the way we manage our priorities, time, etc. We operate under the illusion that all we require is will-power and discipline.

The problem is also that we all know- this doesn’t work. So even before we start, we self-sabotage ourselves.

Will-power and discipline are essential, but there is more to how we behave beyond just trying harder. 

What we require is a complete shift in the way we think about change. We should start with the assumption that willpower and discipline will desert us. Instead, we should consider bringing in rituals and nudges that will protect us from depending on will-power. 

Atomic Habits By James Clear and The Power Of Habit By Charles Duhigg are two must-read books for anyone looking to make sustainable change without depending on willpower.

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