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Weekend Story-The Pachyderm And The Pig

The pachyderm

Once upon a time, an elephant decided to take a refreshing dip in a river. Then, feeling squeaky clean and fabulous, it strolled along the forest path with an air of superiority.

Suddenly, the elephant spotted a pig approaching from the opposite direction. But this wasn’t just any pig—it was a pig covered from snout to tail in a thick, gooey layer of mud.

Rather than engage in a muddy showdown, the elephant calmly sidestepped, allowing the filthy pig to pass. As the pig continued its muddy march, it couldn’t resist bragging to its fellow swines, “Did you see that? The mighty elephant was so scared of me that it moved aside to make way!”

This boastful display caught the attention of some curious elephants, who couldn’t fathom why their friend had acted in such a seemingly fearful manner. 

Were you really scared? They asked their friend. 

With a mischievous grin, the elephant replied, “Oh, my dear pachyderm pals, let me enlighten you. I could have easily squashed that pig like a bug, but here’s the thing: I wanted to keep myself clean. My leg would have been drenched in filth if I had trampled the pig. And trust me, folks, I didn’t want to deal with that mess. So, I gracefully stepped aside, avoiding the muddy mayhem.”

And so, the elephant’s wisdom prevailed, proving that sometimes, it’s better to take a detour rather than dive headfirst into a pigsty of unnecessary dirt and drama.

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