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What Part Of The Problem Am I Responsible For?

what am i responsible for

Whenever something does not work out or something goes wrong, instead of blaming myself or someone else, I pause and ask myself this simple but extremely uncomfortable question-

What part of this problem am I responsible for?

When I ask myself this question, my focus immediately shifts to what I control- my actions, behaviors, and choices. By acknowledging my role in the situation, I can identify any skill or knowledge gaps or biases I may be operating under. Instead of blaming myself or others, this uncomfortable question prompts me to take responsibility and evaluate how I can contribute to finding a solution.

Reflecting on my part in the problem allows me to approach it with a growth mindset. I am open to learning and improving, as I recognize that my actions can influence the outcome. This self-reflection empowers me to address any areas where I can enhance my skills or broaden my knowledge, and in the process, help me make better choices in the future.

More importantly, this question helps me foster a sense of accountability. Rather than dwelling on what went wrong or pointing fingers, I take ownership of my own contribution to the situation. This mindset shift helps me focus on proactive problem-solving as I actively seek ways to rectify the issue and prevent similar challenges from arising in the future.

This is perhaps the most potent self-coaching question anyone can deploy to deal with any problem or challenge.

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