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Weekend Story- The Mirror House

Mirror House

Once upon a time, nestled in a quaint village, there was a house unlike any other. This peculiar house had a living room adorned with a thousand mirrors, each reflecting a world of its own. It was a room that held a secret enchantment, only known to a few.

One day, a curious little girl from the village discovered this house and entered the living room. As she looked around, she saw herself in every frame; there were a thousand versions of her! She would clap her hands, and the 1000 reflections would clap back at her. She would giggle and jump, and the reflections would do the same. The little girl was joyful. It was the happiest place for her. She would visit the house often.

Then, one day, a sad, bitter man happened to stumble upon the same house. When he went inside, he saw something that disturbed him more. In each mirror, he saw a thousand sad and morose faces staring right back at him. He grimaced in anger, and a thousand faces grimaced back at him. The man felt trapped and thought it was the worst place he had ever encountered. So, he quickly left, wanting to escape the depressing house, never to return.

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