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Weekend Story- The Way To Say It

The way to say it

A King once dreamt that he was wandering alone in a dense forest. Intrigued and unsettled by this nocturnal vision, the King sensed an underlying message. He summoned two revered spiritual masters renowned for their skill in dream interpretation.

As the King recounted his dream, the first master’s countenance darkened. He solemnly declared, “O King, this dream portends a grim fate for your family. Misfortune looms. Everyone else in your family will perish before you, and eventually, you will die all alone.”

The King was enraged by the dire prediction. Incensed by what he deemed a discouraging prophecy, he promptly ordered his guards to imprison the master.

Next, the second master stepped forward with a gentle smile. “Oh, gracious King, your dream unveils a wondrous omen. It foretells your longevity, a life that will outshine and outlive the passage of all other kin.”

The King’s disposition brightened immediately with the optimistic interpretation of the second master. He rewarded the second master handsomely and bid him farewell.

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