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Upskill Your Attitude


I know how a product works, or I know the theory of music, or I understand the organizational politics- This is all KNOWLEDGE. 

I am good at programming, or I am very good at dealing with people, or I am proficient at project management, or I can speak German- These are all SKILLS. 

I am positive and self-driven, or I will never shirk my accountability, or I am a go-getter, or I will always operate with integrity, or I will always go the extra mile- This is ATTITUDE. 

Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude- We must demonstrate all three aspects in our professional work settings. Each has a place in our quest for expertise and success. 

Sadly, many of us get caught up in thinking that the key to success is getting better at our skills and knowing more. We forget how important our attitude is when we show up for work each day. No matter what job you do – whether you’re a doctor, musician, programmer, salesperson, or a business leader – what really sets you apart is not just what you know and can do but, importantly, the attitude you show up with.  

Seth Godin, in one of his blog posts, said it beautifully. 

Attitude is a skill. 

If you can learn to be better at something- it is a skill. And, if it is a skill, it is entirely in your power to acquire and develop it if you want it badly. So, just like you can LEARN Math, French, Bowling, or a programming language, you can also LEARN to be more empathetic, passionate, focused, consistent, persistent, and more. Importantly, you can get better at it.   

Focus on upskilling your attitudes. It will turbocharge your growth !!

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