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It’s A Matter Of Timing


No matter what our profession may be- teacher, scientist, researcher, entrepreneur, business head, salesperson, etc.- pitching, selling, persuading, and negotiating are all intrinsic components of the role. We are expected to put ourselves out there and network with others to ship our work.

The more we practice networking and engaging with others, the better we will get at it. Along the way, there will be many situations where we will encounter roadblocks. People don’t return our calls or respond to our messages or emails. It might bruise your ego. Doesn’t matter. It is important to keep trying and not take it personally.

When people don’t respond to your overtures, it doesn’t mean they have rejected you or your idea. It just means that they have other priorities that are perhaps more important for them, or you have not yet found the right messaging to pique their interest. Often, it’s an issue of timing and nothing more than that.

The best way to deal with such situations is to keep connecting. Sooner or later, your message, their interest, and the timing align, and that’s when magic happens !!

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