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Weekend Story-Take Care Of Yourself First

Take Care of yourself

In a bustling village, there lived a solitary cobbler. He was the go-to person for delivering and repairing footwear for the entire town. His dedication to mending the shoes of others was unwavering, but amidst this tireless commitment, he neglected to take care of his own boots.

Initially, this oversight didn’t pose a problem. However, the cobbler’s own boots began to wither and crumble over time. While he toiled diligently on the footwear of his fellow villagers, because of his damaged boots, his own feet suffered. His feet developed blisters that festered, and soon he developed a limp. Concerned townsfolk voiced their worries, but he consistently reassured them, concealing his growing discomfort.

As months passed, the cobbler’s feet endured such torment that he fell seriously ill and could no longer practice his craft. Unfortunately, this meant no one’s footwear in the village received the needed attention. Before long, a cloud of discomfort descended upon the entire town as its inhabitants, one by one, began to limp in pain.

All because the cobbler had never taken a moment to mend his own boots.

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