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Weekend Story-Happiness


After years of dedicated service, David was appointed the new Finance Director at an intimate reception hosted by the CEO. David’s wife Anita and spouses of other senior management were also present at the function.

As the evening progressed, Ann, the CEO’s wife, got chatting with Anita and, out of the blue, asked her an unexpected question: “Does your husband make you happy?”

David, sitting on a sofa within earshot, listened closely, hoping for a positive response from his wife. However, to everyone’s surprise, Anita replied, “No, no, he doesn’t make me happy.”

David found himself flushing in embarrassment as he sensed the room going silent because of Anita’s response.

Anita quickly clarified, “No, he doesn’t make me happy… I AM HAPPY by my own choice. My happiness depends on me, not him. I choose to be happy in every situation with David.”

David’s face brightened with relief, understanding the importance of personal happiness and choice.

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