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Overcome “Starting” Trouble

starting trouble

Ironically, the most challenging part of starting anything new is “starting.”

You might be holding off from the job hunting process, deferring the unveiling of your long-desired Vlog, or hesitating to apply for that scholarship—all because you are listening to that voice in your head that is telling you that you are not ready or you are not qualified or you are not good enough !!

Here is a simple tip that anyone struggling with “starting” trouble can do.

Instead of having success as the goal, reframe “starting” as the goal. So,

  • Don’t make getting the job offer the goal. Make applying for the job or talking to the head-hunter the goal.
  • Don’t make vlogging the objective; make shooting a 1-minute introduction vlog the objective.
  • Don’t make getting the scholarship the objective; Make writing the scholarship application the goal.

Celebrate the process of “starting” and let go of the desire to achieve an outcome. 

When you make “starting” the primary goal for any activity, you thwart that limiting whisper in your head from becoming a voice that sabotages your aspirations.

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