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Seek To Be Around Those Better Than You

Better than

I came across a great message that Google CEO Sundar Pichai gave at a public event a few days back.  

He said that we should all strive to work with people who make us feel intellectually insecure. If you are secure in what you do, it means you are in a comfortable space, and you are not pushing yourself. When you feel insecure, it means that you are working with people who are better than you and who are pushing you. When you are in the midst of people better than you, you will find your own caliber improving.

I can’t agree more with his comments. I have found my best growth in my career happening when I have worked with people who challenged me intellectually. 

  • I became a better team player when my colleagues were better than me.
  • I became a better leader when my team members were better than me.

There is a strong parallel for this in sports which I am sure many of us have seen. Whether playing golf, badminton, cricket, or tennis, your game goes down a notch when you play against weak opponents. In contrast, when you compete with superior players, your game goes up two notches.

You are always a beneficiary when you are in the presence of people who are smarter and better than you !! Because they make you better. 

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