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Get Good At Executing The Mundane

Mundane Tasks

Delivering great results often requires us to be great at doing mundane work.

  • Closing the multi-million dollar deal requires you to spend endless hours obsessing over boring yet necessary legalese, paying attention to the minor details.
  • Writing the masterpiece requires you to spend hours daily tapping endlessly on your keyboard, writing ordinary stuff.
  • Becoming a domain expert requires you to pore over hundreds of reports connecting the dots.
  • Becoming a good leader requires you not just to lead but also to deal with lots of mundane administrative stuff.

We all want to escape the mediocre life to lead a life of greatness. But unfortunately, one giant boulder stands in our way, and it is mundane execution– doing the work that is repetitive and boring but important.

A great predictor of whether you get to experience excellent outcomes in life is this- Do you execute on those repetitive and mundane tasks despite….

  • How you feel
  • Whether it’s a good day or a bad day 
  • What people say

If you can become robotic in executing your mundane tasks, you will naturally be brilliant at completing the big value-creating tasks.

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