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Keep Scarcity Thinking At Bay

scarcity thinking

Our mindset has a big impact on the kind of life we lead.

An abundance mindset really shapes the joy and fulfillment that we experience when engaging with the world.

In times of difficulty or crisis, it is so easy for our mindset to shift from one of abundance and generosity to one of scarcity and fear. Our fear pushes us into a state of self-protection rather than feeling confident and optimistic.

Fear and scarcity-based thinking can completely engulf us into seeing everything through a dark lens- the world is against me, I am being targeted, I am doing poorly, etc.

Negativity becomes our default state. Although we want to feel positive, we find it challenging to shift into a positive mindset.

I describe here something we all experience at some point in our lives, and I have a simple mental model for anyone who wants to feel positive but is struggling to do so.

Now here’s the point. You cannot change your mindset of fear and scarcity by thinking about it.

My mentor once shared something he does to feel abundant and joyous all the time. Whenever he has the opportunity, he commits himself to deliberate acts of generosity and abundance.

Whenever possible, he would dedicate time and energy to counseling and coaching people who were facing challenges in their lives. And he would contribute to charitable causes.

Adopting my mentor’s approach has helped me improve my own outlook on life.

It’s a simple mental model: Take everyday actions of abundance to keep scarcity thinking at bay.

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