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What’s Inside You?

What's inside

One of the common disempowering beliefs many of us carry is that other people can hurt us. This belief manifests as a victim mindset where we blame or criticize others for how they make us feel.

How do you feel when someone cuts you off in traffic?

How do you react if your spouse or partner says something hurtful to you?

We often get angry or upset or hurt, and then we blame the other person for making us feel that way.

Truth be told, no one can make you feel anything. What you feel is already inside you; other people simply trigger it.

When someone makes you angry very easily, it is not because of what they say or do but because anger is already simmering inside you.

If you think someone makes you sad, it is because there is sadness brewing inside you.

Every emotion you have ever felt is not the result of someone else’s actions but what you already carry inside you. This is how it is, and it is normal. The challenge is to remember this fact.

Dr. Wayne Dyer says wisely: What comes out when life squeezes you? If anger, pain, and fear come out of you, it’s because that’s what’s inside. 

If you are inherently peaceful nothing external can upset your peace. Similarly, if you are inherently self assured, no one can make feel otherwise.

So, whenever you realize you are blaming others for how you feel, remember that your emotions are your own doing. You have work to do on the inside to shift how you feel!!

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