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Focus On What You Control

What you control

“When things are beyond your control, and there is nothing you can do, why worry?” These are the wise words of the spiritual master Gaur Gopal Das.

Choosing to focus only on what you can control and learning to become comfortable, not trying to manage things out of your control, is always a challenge. To distinguish between the two, one must be focused and aware.

Here is a ready reckoner of the things I am in control of and the things I am not, which I keep in my Bullet journal as a constant reminder.

Things I Don’t Control

  • My Past
  • My Future
  • What Others think of me
  • The results after I put in my effort
  • The opinion of others.
  • The actions of others.
  • How others deal with their own issues.

Things I Control

  • My thoughts and my actions
  • The Goals I set for myself
  • The matters I focus on
  • How I respond and deal with challenges
  • How I manage myself
  • The boundaries I create for myself.

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