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Month: October 2022

Dream Big

dream big

A few days back, I was in a business review with a young colleague., evaluating some performance metrics associated with a critical but high-stakes agenda we had embarked on a few months back. It was something we had never done Read more…

Doing The Hard Thing

doing the hard thing

This is an idea I picked up from James Clear’s Atomic Habits. Doing the hard thing is seldom more difficult in terms of daily effort, but it is often more difficult psychologically. What are some of the hard things we Read more…

Help By Not Helping


Imagine a five-year-old having trouble tying their shoes. What would your instinct be? You would want to help the child, right? The instinct might be well placed, but it is preferable to control it. I learned this from experience. Once, Read more…

We Succeed Most Times

Succeed Most Times

There is a quotable quote by James Clear that says Win enough to keep progressing. Lose enough to keep learning. The fact is that most of the time, we succeed in whatever we do. So the few times we lose, it Read more…

Weekend Story- Abraham Lincoln’s Wit

Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln was once criticized for referring to the Confederates in kind terms. A woman critic asked the President how he could speak generously of his enemies, particularly when they were trying to destroy him. “Should you also not Read more…

Humble Leadership- 5 Ways To Practise It.

humble leadership

As a leader, I recently came across Dan Rockwell’s 2018 post titled “The Seductions of Arrogance Compound the Elusiveness of Humility,” in which he talks about the stress between arrogance and humility that we all have to grapple with every Read more…

The Three Imperatives

There are only three things one can do after committing a mistake..

Inspiration At A Restaurant

When you pay attention, you can uncover a wealth of wisdom from the most unlikely of sources. I am currently in Nairobi attending to some business. Today, I went to a restaurant called Urban Eatery for lunch. As I settled Read more…

Our Struggles Shape Us


A question I often ask when I am interviewing someone is, “tell me about some accomplishment you are most proud of?” This question never ceases to get the interviewees to share vivid stories about their struggles and how they dealt Read more…

Are You Being Lazy?


After a long gap, I saw the Hindi movie Vikram Vedha at a theater last weekend. Although the movie was great, that’s not why I’m reminiscing about it. In one of the scenes in the movie, the hero Hrithik Roshan Read more…