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Getting Out Of Negative Thinking

Negative Thinking

Many of us suffer from the challenge of negative thoughts that keep swirling in our heads every time we encounter a challenge. Much as we want to avoid negative thinking, we find ourselves helplessly caught out.

There are three big reasons why negative thoughts emerge.

Reason 1: Fear of the future

We often fear the unknown and are unsure of what the future might bring. As a result, we catastrophize about things going very wrong. What if I fail? What if something goes wrong?

Reason 2: Anxiety about the present

Anxiety about the present is understandable. So many of us worry about what is happening in the present- What are people thinking of me? Am I doing a good job at work? Or will I get the outcome I desire for all the effort I am putting in?

Reason 3: Feeling bad about the past

Have you ever stayed awake worrying about something you were supposed to do that you did not do or did something you were not supposed to do? We all do and say things we feel bad about in retrospect.

Negative thinking impact is not harmful unless you constantly wallow in negativity to the point where it starts impacting your normal routine.

Coach Yourself

But how does one get out of the clutches of negativity? Something that a lot of us do is try and distract ourselves. We think the negative feelings gnawing at our conscience will go away by watching TV or playing some computer games. They often don’t. They will resurface sooner or later.

A better way to deal with sticky negative thoughts is by taking a step back and asking yourself some questions whenever you find yourself in the grip of negativity.

  • Is my thinking valid? Is there a basis for this negative belief?
  • Are my thoughts giving me power, or they taking my power away?
  • Can I put a positive spin on my negative thoughts or learn from it?
  • Are my negative thoughts glossing over an issue that needs addressing?

When you ask yourself questions, your mind searches for answers, and the answers will come to you. Negative thoughts recede in the spotlight of your own questions. When you process your negative thoughts, instead of trying to distract yourself, you resolve them and move forward.

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