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Keep Yourself Motivated

being motivated

There are sometimes days when I get tangled in day-to-day affairs, dealing with challenges and disappointments, and on those days, it is very easy to get demotivated. As a team leader, while my primary goal is to ensure that my team members stay motivated, I also need to work on my mindset to keep myself motivated.

How does one stay motivated? It is not something folks can will themselves to be by reading some motivational stuff ?

I have learned through my life’s various ups and downs that staying motivated is all about patience. When faced with challenges and difficult situations, what is required is persistence and patience to get through the difficulty.

That said, there is one other important factor that contributes to sustaining motivation, and that is the connection you have with your work. People who genuinely love their work are more motivated than those who don’t enjoy it. Motivation is directly proportional to how much you enjoy the work you do.

Patience and enjoying your work: These are two factors that help you stay on top emotionally when things get tough.

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