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Weekend Story-Funeral Service

Funeral Service

One day, when employees went to their workplace at a big corporate, they found a notice plastered on the glass entrance. 

The printed notice was a quirky message that read thus- 

“Yesterday, the person responsible for hindering your growth in this company passed away. We invite you to join the funeral service at the company gym.”

The message got all the staff wondering. Each one had an image of another colleague conjuring up in their mind. “Oh god, could it be he? This is sad !!” was the topmost thought in everyone’s mind. But as they looked at one another, the person whose image cropped up in their mind was standing right next to them, assembled at the entrance. 

Now everyone was intrigued. 

“If the person I imagined is hale and hearty(thank god for that), then who is the notice referring to? Who is the person hindering my progress?” every person wondered silently.

All staff went to the company gym as the notice instructed. In the middle of the gym, a wooden coffin was set up with its lid open.

One by one, the staff went to the coffin to look inside and see who the person hindering their progress was, and what they saw was a shock and a surprise !! 

Inside the coffin, there was no”body.” 

Instead, what they saw was a life-size mirror installed along with a message written in bold. Peering at their own reflection, everyone read the message –

“Only one person is hindering your growth, and that is YOU. 

No person or circumstance can hinder your growth unless you give that person the power to hold you back.”

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