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Comfort And Complacency


When we become too comfortable, there is a high probability that we unconsciously drift towards complacency, and that is never good. While comfort is cozy and desirable, it inevitably leads us to a dull, unadventurous, and potentially boring life.

Achievement of any sort happens on the edge of discomfort, where we feel challenged and unsure, where we are forced to introspect and ask ourselves, “Is this the right thing to do?”, “Am I on the right track?”, “Do I have the right skills?’, “Should I do something different?”

The introspection that is triggered by the feeling of discomfort is an essential catalyst for taking action to grow and become better.

So, keep checking your emotional state constantly. Do you feel too comfortable with what you are doing where you are not feeling challenged?

Maybe, it is time for you to make some shifts before you get sucked into complacency.

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