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Be Yourself !!

Be yourself

One of the most impactful moments in my career occurred when I was around 38 years old. At the time, I was leading a business function, and my boss noticed that I was behaving in a way that didn’t align with who I was. I had recently taken on a bigger responsibility and was trying to emulate my predecessor, who was known for being a ruthless business leader. Like him, I was operating aggressively, and this approach was causing me to rub people the wrong way and was making me and my teammates miserable.

Watching me go through the motions, my boss called for a one-on-one with me. 

“I know you want to prove yourself in the new role, but it looks like you are trying too hard and doing things not in your nature. Don’t represent your job title when you engage with people around you. Engage as YOU. Don’t try to be someone else. Be yourself !!”

It felt like a fog had lifted from my mind at that moment, and I gained a newfound clarity. My boss imparted a valuable life lesson that has stayed with me ever since.

We stifle our natural abilities when we try to be “like” someone else. The first pre-condition to becoming successful (and also happy) is to remember to bring the “You” element into everything you do. When you come into any activity being yourself, you stand tall and shine. 

Realizing this truth can change your game, whatever it may be– leading a team, working on a project, selling, or persuading someone. 

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