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Clarity And Acceptance -Antidotes To Anxiety


Fear and anxiety are different emotions, yet we often mix them up. 

We all have a gut feeling when danger is near. Fear is that unconscious emotional response that kicks in to keep us safe. 

Anxiety, though, is not cut from the same cloth as fear. While fear roots itself in something that threatens our safety, anxiety stems from our imagination. 

Take being afraid of heights or dogs – that’s fear. 

Now, think about those times when you’re chewing your nails over, say, cheating on a friend – “What if he finds out?!” – that’s anxiety. 

We are anxious about the things we cannot predict with certainty. Like the potential exposure of a mistake, job loss, or market crashes – stuff we can’t predict. 

But here’s the quirky bit about anxiety: it clings to you only as long as uncertainty hangs around. The moment something tangible happens, and you are clear about something, you break free from its grip.  

Imagine you are anxious about whether you will get through the interview. Until there is uncertainty about the outcome, you are anxious. The moment the result is out, you feel a sense of release. You are free to celebrate, feel sad, or accept- depending on the outcome.

Anxiety cannot survive in the spotlight of clarity. 

So, next time you catch yourself stewing in anxious thoughts, instead of wallowing, seek clarity. If you can cut through the clutter and predict with a high degree of certainty what will happen- great, you will no longer feel anxious.

If not, then accept that it is impossible to predict all outcomes with certainty. Accept that uncertainty is part of life, and you will feel less anxious.

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