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Weekend Story- Problem Solving

Problem Solving

In a peaceful village, a father left behind an inheritance of 17 Horses for his three sons. When the father passed away, his sons gathered to read his will, eager to understand their shares.

The will stipulated that the eldest son should receive half of the Horses, the middle son should be given one-third, and the youngest son should receive one-ninth. However, dividing 17 Horses per the father’s wishes proved impossible, leading to disputes and disagreements among the brothers.

Frustrated by their inability to reach a solution, the sons sought the counsel of a wise man known to dwell in a cave. Patiently, they recounted the situation to him, seeking his guidance. The wise man, after contemplation, introduced a single Horse he had with him, adding it to the original 17. This brought the total to 18 Horses.

With this adjustment, the wise man proceeded to interpret the father’s will. Half of 18 Horses equaled 9, which he gave to the eldest son. One-third of 18 Horses amounted to 6, allotted to the middle son. Finally, one-ninth of 18 Horses equaled 2, which was granted to the youngest son.

Upon summing up the Horses allocated: 9 + 6 + 2 = 17, one solitary Horse remained, which the wise man reclaimed back.

The wise man’s ingenious solution saved the day.

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