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Be Proud, Not Embarrassed

Be Proud

When we make mistakes and stumble, the pain is undeniable. Yet, within the discomfort of our failures lies an unexpected silver lining. When disaster strikes, and things go out of hand, we get to learn a lot about ourselves.  

  • We learn whether we are resilient, whether we can adapt to challenges, and come out stronger. 
  • We learn what has meaning for us, discover our core values, and figure out what we are willing to fight for. 
  • Most importantly, in grappling with challenging situations, we often discover abilities we didn’t realize we had. 

You can think of disasters and big-ticket failures like viruses that infected you. If you survive, you come out stronger, better, and safer than those who have not yet experienced the virus of failures you have.

Be proud, not embarrassed, of your failures; you are stronger because of them !!

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