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Good Execution Comes From Good Planning

good planning

I’m currently in Nairobi, gearing up to host a prestigious Insurance leadership forum scheduled for tomorrow. This event brings together distinguished leaders from the insurance industry, and my team and I have invested significant effort in its preparation. As I went through the final preparations for tomorrow’s event, I realized something profound. 

The quality of our execution is intricately liked to the quality of planning. 

Meticulous planning is a fundamental ingredient to effective execution. Regrettably, we often put very little focus on verifying the plan’s quality. 

Planning is something that goes beyond merely putting dates against tasks. It is about taking a  comprehensive view of how someone will perform some task, how quality will be built, how challenges will be addressed, and how communication will flow. 

More importantly, planning is never a one-time activity. It has to be done continuously, and plans have to stay fluid. If re-alignment in plans is not done periodically, we will never know if we are on the right track. Agility, therefore, is the key to good planning.

I do not doubt that the execution of the event tomorrow will be great. How do I know it?- Because of all the excellent planning that has gone into preparing for this event !!

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