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Weekend Story-The Janitor’s Mission

The Janitor's mission

After a long day at work, the CEO was walking down the hospital’s hallway to get to the parking lot when he noticed a janitor hard at work mopping the tiled floor. The CEO was curious about the mindset of the Janitor- Was he happy with the job he was doing? He wondered.

Striking up a conversation, the CEO asked the Janitor – “How do you feel about the job you are doing? Are you happy?’

The Janitor paused, turned to the CEO with utmost seriousness, and replied, “I enjoy what I do, sir. After all, I save lives.”

The CEO was taken aback. What on earth was this man talking about? He’s the Janitor, not a heart surgeon.

Noticing the look on the CEO’s face, the Janitor continued, “You see, when I diligently clean the operating rooms and other workspaces, I provide the doctors with a clean, sanitized environment to perform their duties. I am just a janitor, yes, and I clean things, but in the grand scheme, I’m contributing to saving lives.”

Instantly, the CEO recognized his own “small thinking,” realizing that the Janitor had a view of the hospital’s mission from an entirely different, yet profoundly valuable, angle.

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